Business Services GroupThe Bureau of Business and Economic Research performs applied research projects for business, non-profit agencies, and government entities. The research may be primary where we gather and analyze new data, or secondary research where we search for existing studies and data. All types of entities come to us for information needed to make important decisions.

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Representative Projects

The following reports are representative of the types of research conducted by the Bureau of Business & Economic Research, often in conjunction with research partners:

  • Assessment and Recommendations: Alignment of Nevada Economic Development Policy & Energy Policy – view pdf
  • Economic and Fiscal Impacts and Economic Development Strategies: Consequences to the Agricultural Economy in the Walker Basin (2008) – view pdf
  • Feasibility study of a grocery store in downtown Reno (2006) – view pdf
  • Jail Diversion: Strategies for Diverting Non-Violent, Mentally Ill Offenders from the Washoe County Detention Facility (2007) – view pdf
  • Washoe County Homeless Study:  Examination of the Costs of Homelessness and Issues Related to Determining the Cost-Effectiveness of Supportive Services and Housing in Washoe County, Nevada, comprised of the following ten reports:
    1. Study Overview & Synthesis (2008) pdf
    2. Phase I – Overview (2007) pdf
    3. Phase I – First Responders (2007) pdf
    4. Phase I – Detention Facility (2007) pdf
    5. Phase I – Judicial System (2007) pdf
    6. Phase I – Medical Services (2007) pdf
    7. Phase I – Mental Health Services (2007) pdf
    8. Phase I – Housing Services (2007) pdf
    9. Phase II – Individual Tracking (2007) pdf
    10. Phase III – Case Studies (2007) pdf
  • NxLeveL Economic Impact Study (2007) – view pdf
  • Douglas County Commercial Sector Retail Leakage Study (1999) – view pdf
  • Carson City Socio-Economic Trends Labor Force, Economic Base and Retail Trade (2002) – view pdf
  • Estimated Economic Impacts of High Sierra Industries (HIS) on the Economy of the State of Nevada (2007) – view pdf
  • Projected Economic and Fiscal Impact of the Proposed Granite Fox Power Project (2005) – view pdf