Business Services GroupThe Bureau of Business and Economic Research performs applied research projects for business, non-profit agencies, and government entities. The research may be primary where we gather and analyze new data, or secondary research where we search for existing studies and data. All types of entities come to us for information needed to make important decisions.

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Research Design Assistance Process

BBER research design assistance generally starts with helping clients to answer these questions:

  • What are the research goals? How will the information be used? What decisions may be driven or influenced by the results?
  • Where does the information reside? What other information might provide similar value?
  • What are some of the alternative methods that could be used for collecting the information?
  • How can bias in the research / data collection methodologies be avoided or mitigated?
  • Which analytical methods will be used to “process” data?
  • Which entity(ies) would be good collaborative partners?
  • What benefits and costs are associated with various data collection and analytical methodologies?
  • How can the value-to-cost ration be maximized?