Business Services GroupThe Bureau of Business and Economic Research performs applied research projects for business, non-profit agencies, and government entities. The research may be primary where we gather and analyze new data, or secondary research where we search for existing studies and data. All types of entities come to us for information needed to make important decisions.

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Cost and Cost-Effective Analysis

For certain complex systems, often involving the provision of services through a number of agencies and entities, the task of identifying and compiling all of the costs associated with the services being provided can be a daunting task. This compilation is a necessary first step in determining the order of magnitude of resources being dedicated to the entire system, and is often the first step in a cost-effectiveness analysis. The required second step in such an analysis is to determine outcomes. This can be much more complex than this simple sentence makes it sound, since it involves determining which outcomes should and can be measured, devising a system to capture the outcomes over time, all while protecting confidential information about specific individuals. When all the needed data is captured, then the relationship of outcomes to costs (cost-effectiveness) and be evaluated. This is what is required in order to improve the efficacy of the system and more efficient allocation of resources.